Shareholder's Meeting

Annual General Meeting 2020
Criteria for the right of shareholders to propose agenda and/or nominate candidates for appointment as the company director in advance Download
Invitation to the 2020 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting Download
1 Registration and proxy instructions, Proxy and Registration Form Download
2 Copy of the Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Download
3 The 2019 Annual Report in QR Code
4 Profiles of proposed auditors of PricewaterhouseCooper ABAS Co., Ltd. (“PwC”) Download
5 The Company’s Articles of Association related to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Download
6 Profiles of the nominated candidates for the election of new directors Download
7 Procedures for sending queries about the 2020 AGM in advance Download
8 Request form for a hard copy of the 2019 Annual Report
9 The Company’s Precautionary Measures and Guidelines for Holding the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the Year 2020 under the Circumstance of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Download
10 Visitor Pre-arrival COVID-19 Screening Form Download