1. Major Shareholders of East Water

Ans : Around 45% of Major Shareholders including Provincial Waterworks Authority and Industrial Estate. More detail of Major Shareholders


Ans : The Company has a dividend payout policy to shareholders at the rate of no less than 30% of the net profit attributable to shareholders of the Company of the consolidated net profit after the required annual legal reserves. The Company, however, will take into consideration the necessity and other appropriate measures when setting dividend payout policy.

Ans : Water pipeline with electrical power pump system The principle of this system is pumping water from the pumping station to elevation station, which located on higher level than destination station. The water elevator station functioned to control water pressure while passing to destination station by the Earth gravity. In case of longer pipeline the water receiving station may be installed among water elevation stations to increase water pressure.

Ans : Company has research and apply Hot Tapping / Wet Tapping Technology for repair tap water. This technology is a pipe connecting technique that has soil protection system. Excavation level reaches existing water pipes and they are connected with new ones, allowing easier maintenance, rerouting or splitting to other areas without disruption in supplying water to consumers.

Ans : SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a computerized system that monitors a variety of plant data including pressure, and amount of water in water grid and in water resources. The data are sent directly to Control Center System so that everything is monitored and solved round the clock. It can help reduce water loss in pipe from 20% down to 3% in three years.

Ans :  Water User Type Criteria

  • Type 1: Residential covers any businesses consume raw water to produce tap water for Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA), government agencies/organizations, hospital and community lacking of clean water
  • Type 2: Industrial Estate of the Government covers industrial estate established by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) and joint-management industrial estates and other past users that the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) / Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning and other government agencies approved to use raw water before the Company has established
  • Type 3: Industrial Park and Industrial Land covers industrial parks and industrial lands operated by private companies without joint management with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)
  • Type 4: Factories and others cover factories and other businesses which is not the user type 3

Water tariff rate structure 2019

User type Tariff Rate (THB / Cu.M)
1. Residential 9.90
2. Industrial Estate of the Government 11.00
3. Industrial Park / Industrial Land 12.00
4. Factories and Others 13.00

Note :

  1. The water tariff rate above is applied with consistent users. In case of terminating water service for over 2 months or total water volume less than 50% of allocated volume or lower than agreement, the Company shall have rights to terminate the contract or change the water tariff rate as appropriated.
  2. The Company reserves all rights to revise the water tariff fee according to the actual cost of management and distribution system as suitable to economic situation at the moment.
Ans : Main measures are
  1. to transfer raw water from Prasae Reservoir to Nongplalai Reservoir for sufficient water distribution to Rayong – Bowin – Pluakdaeng and Chonburi area.
  2. to speed up the project of pipeline system construction Nongplalai – Nongkho line 2 to increase the capacity of water diversion from Nongplalai Reservoir to Chonburi area.
  3. to buy additional raw water from private water pond in Chonburi area to increase water reserve in Chonburi and Chachoengsao area.

In addition, the Company also develops Samnakbok water reserve pond and works closely with the Royal Irrigation Office and water consumers to plan water consumption for sufficient water distribution.

Ans : On 16 June 2016, The company issued senior and unsecured debenture of Baht 2,400 million to institutions and major investors for pay loan of Tab-ma project and Prasae – Nongplalai pipeline project.

The first tranche is senior and unsecured debenture of Baht 1,200 million. It bears interest at a fixed rate at 3.84% per annum.

The second tranche is senior and unsecured debenture of Baht 1,200 million. It bears interest at a fixed rate at 4.18% per annum.

Ans : More detail of Weekly water situation and progress of water shortage prevention.


Ans : Main cost of raw water include cost of electricity for distribute water to customer area and depreciation of raw water system around 70% of total cost. The other cost 30% include cost of raw water, cost of payroll and cost of maintenance. Main cost of tap water include cost of depreciation and payroll & outsource around 60% of total cost. The other cost 40% include cost of raw water, cost of electricity, cost of chemical and others.

Ans : In 2018, Raw water sales volume was 219,981,830 Cu.M. (Excluding internal usage for tap water production) and Tap water sales volume was 96,554,192.08 Cu.M. More detail of Sale volume of raw water and tap water per year


Customers of East Water

Ans : East Water do business to provide raw water and manage raw water distribution pipeline system in the area of Eastern Seaboard by pumping water from Royal Irrigation Department reservoirs, Private water sources and natural sources to customers area via huge pipe. To operate raw water business in Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong by using Water Grid which connect almost all main water sources in Eastern Thailand with the length of 491.8 km. (Completion year 2016) long connecting almost every main water resource in eastern Thailand. Apart from that, East Water also use modern technology to support the capability of the system in order to achieve highest potential. Currently, water loss in pipeline is less than 3%.

The company registered Universal Utilities Co. Ltd. (UU) to produce and sell clarified water and waste water collection and treatment system.